The age-old practice of conditioning beer in oak barrels became a near-extinct tradition by the mid-twentieth century.Thankfully, craft brewers everywhere are bringing back barrel-aged beers as a modern tradition, with a twist - we're using wet barrels!


Here at Bad Apple, these come direct to us from the Distiller or Vintner; freshly drained barrels that previously housed single malt whiskey, bourbon, rum or wine for up to twelve years, sometimes even longer. These epic 200 litre oak vessels are eagerly awaiting a several-month long 'swish' with our beer. Flavours of oak, and the original spirit or wine once housed within lend tremendous depth, complexity, alcoholic warmth and aromatic splendor to our beers. We then 'blend back' before final conditioning to ensure overall drinkability and to pinpoint final ABV. Indeed, a labour of love.


Of course we can't describe it perfectly so we recommend that you give it a hook and figure itout on your own.


Available only in 500 ml bottles, this beer will be brewed in limited amounts in a multitude of varieties as we source-in different types of barrels. Currently we're aging Black & Tackle Russian Imperial Stout in 12 year single malt barrels from a
Nova Scotian Distiller.

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